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Driver CPC

Driver Certificate of Professional Competence

Who are we?

We are a JAUPT approved Training Centre AC00199 and have been a national provider for in excess of 14 years with a solid reputation for bespoke quality training.  We are able to provide both in person and online sessions for single candidates or group bookings in many venues across the UK.

What do we offer?

We have a portfolio of courses, which have been developed to support drivers and provide a range of interesting subject matter that reflects their roles.  The courses meet DVSA standards and are renewed and updated annually.

What subjects do we cover?

Here is a link for our current portfolio of courses.

J17 CPC Courses

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Not sure which type of CPC you need?

There are two types of Driver CPC training: Initial CPC and Periodic Training. The type of training you need will depend on when you passed your test, and whether or not you have previously held a Driver Qualification Card.

Initial Driver CPC – For the newly qualified

If you passed your LGV (Cat C1, C, CE) test after September 2009 and you do not have Acquired Rights (Grandfather rights) on your licence meaning you passed your car test (Cat B) after the 1st January 1997 means you would need to do Module 2 & 4, in that order.


If this applies to you, we can help and organise Mod 2 and Mod 4 training.

Mod 2 is an online exam at a DVLA site.


We can also arrange some revision material for the Mod 2 exam.

Passing both modules 2 and 4 will get the driver their first 5 year DQC allowing them to drive LGVs commercially for the next 5 years.

Driver CPC – For those that have held their licence for a while

If you passed your LGV (Cat C1, C, CE) on or before the 9th September 2009 then you can do 35 hours of periodic training to obtain you DQC (Driver Qualification Card). If you passed after this date and have acquired rights (Cat B passed before the 1st January 1997) on your licence you can still do the 35 hours training.


Periodic training, for the most, is classroom based but did you know that you can get CPC on other courses like ADR and First Aid, courses that we can also provide.


Please be aware - You need to complete the full 35 hours or Mod 2 & 4 training before you can drive for hire or reward.


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