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Over 20 Years
Of Experience
Behind The Wheel! 

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A specialist, Driver Training Organisation based in Cheshire with a trainer base located across the UK.

We were established in June 2000, and have enjoyed 20+ years of trading with our client base and training teams.

We offer small to large scale training solutions, and provide good communication channels and project management skills to our clients.

We are a proven Training Company with over 20 years experience and provide a variety of solutions to assist clients in developing robust Road Risk Strategies.


John Dutton and Peter Coppenhall are our Company Directors with over 20 years experience each in the Driver Training Field.  Before embarking on this journey they both served in Cheshire Constabulary for over 25 years each.  

John gained most of his experience on the North West Motorway Network and Peter plied his trade in the Cheshire Traffic Department both completing Police Advanced Driving Grade 1.

Both are highly qualified experienced driver trainers and are DSA fleet registered, have RoSPA National Diploma's in Advanced Driving techniques and RoSPA Gold Advanced driving techniques. 

Suzanne Percy and Sabrina Bell are behind the scenes, managing client contracts and dealing with day to day management of the courses and clients.

Both have a diverse background of previous jobs dealing in customer focused roles, and staff management.

We have a wide network of trainers across the country each with a diverse skill base in Driver Training.  They are all fully accredited with various qualifications.

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Passion Led Us Here

What our clients say about the J17 Trainers

  • "I recommend the course to anyone, great tutor knows his stuff and is willing to support after the course"                                                                                                      SD​

  • "Best Trainer ever on this course, great learning, excellent presentation"

      WAHEED B


  • "Absolutely excellent trainer, engagement for group participation and information"               JEFF W

  • "Excellent knowledge, engaging, allowed good debate, great transfer of knowledge"

      MARCUS C

  • "John is a good trainer and I enjoyed the last 4 days working with him."  SG

  • "Really good information given by the trainer, I have enjoyed doing this course and have learnt new skills that I can put into every day practice"  KS

  • "On this assessment course, John delivered each package most professionally, he was so interesting and very helpful throughout the course.  John made the classroom side of this so enjoyable."  MH


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