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Is your eye sight fit for driving?

J17 believes being prepared brings greater safety! That doesn't just include your standard of driving. Following Road Safety Week (15th November 21 - 21st November 21) we are actively encouraging all road users to regularly check their eyesight.

The dark winter months are already here, meaning fewer daylight hours and poor weather which can lead to reduced visibility when driving. Being safe on the road is essential, and having the minimum eye sight standard is imperative.

Eyesight naturally worsens over time, you should have regular eye tests, at least every 2 years, or more often if your optician advises this. Any concerns about your vision, you should be seeking advice from an optician and booking a test as soon as you can. If you don’t meet the minimum eyesight standard, you must stop driving and tell DVLA.

So what is the required standard? And how can I check this.

Can you read a number plate from 20-metres? The number plate test is a simple and effective way to check if your eyesight meets the required standard for driving. Anyone can do the test at any time.

But how far is 20-metres? It's around the length of 5 parked cars, or the length of 2 double decker buses.

A survey by DVLA found that less than 50% of motorists are aware that they must read a number plate from 20 metres.

Because of this they have launched a campaign to raise awareness of the 20-metre eyesight test.

You can visit the DVLA page on driving eyesight rules for more information.

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