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Earned Recognition digital changes

Digital Requirements for DVSA's Earned Recognition scheme have changed.

What has changed?

From April 1 2022, operators may use:

  • More than one electronic system to collect data.

  • Manual maintenance systems, these will still require validation.

  • Driver defect reporting systems that will be validated on an individual basis.

  • A mix of electronic systems and manual systems to report key performance indicators (KPIs) and standards data.

Standards and KPIs required to join and be a part of the Earned Recognition scheme remain unchanged.

What this means for you

As an operator you now have more opportunity to hit the reporting requirements to join the scheme without the worry of a deadline.

Contact J17 to discuss how we can help you join the scheme and manage your KPIs, audits and standards.

More information

You can find out more about the scheme and the changes by visiting GOV.UK

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